This unbuilt design is for a local retreat cum residence for a family of businessman, originally settled in Bangalore. Located near a village, the neighbourhood consists of other familial properties as well. In terms of sequencing, the baithak, a formal and public area is interestingly organised nearer to entry, with all the other private functions bunched farther. These functions are housed under three individual blocks, organized in a ‘C’, held together by a plinth, architecturally. This forms an intimate courtyard that also houses a lily pond. The sloped roofscape of the surrounding rural context is also woven in the architectural vocabulary of this house, along with the seemingly informal juxtaposition of the individual blocks, similar to a rural settlement.

 The plinth unifying the built units, with the baithak, as a public function, preceding all others

 The individual units juxtaposed as per function and need for proximity, reminiscent of a rural settlement

Bimal Desai

2000: unbuilt

426 smt