The home for a Kutchi family of three brothers demanded an architectural treatment that provides them an individual yet united co-existence. Each house, thus, situated on a common land shares broadly similar aesthetics but with varying nuances that sets them each apart, much like the slight differences in personalities of the brothers. Primarily a close knit business family, with each brother pursuing a different enterprise, the program called for a participatory forecourt to support numerous social activities that, oftentimes, brings the three families together. Thus was envisioned a higher plinth, that holds the buildings together, accentuated by certain seemingly random landscape features around each house. 

The high plinth also ensures a defined domain set apart from the surrounding. A set of two bridges and pergolas furthers this connectivity and makes for a notional thread that binds the families. These open up during an event, hence, rendering the houses one, at all levels. The lawns with the pond and the galis between the houses make for an interesting social and intimate gathering space, respectively. 

Architecturally, each house has few constants like the similarly configured living room, the inclined exposed concrete walls- one with the staircase shaft and the other interspersed with the single and double volumes. The plot, with its ideal orientation facing the south, has an advantage of favourable light and breeze, aided by the appropriately placed openings and the stepped terraces that also take shape as per the varying interior volumes.

Plan at ground floor

 Plan at first floor

Plan at terrace

The common plinth holding the individual houses and creating interactive negative spaces emphasised by landscape features

The three houses connected by a bridge and a common forecourt that also aids frequent social and family gatherings


Karsan Patel

commencement: 2005

completion: 2007

544 smt

Shital Shah

Nehal Bhatt

Landscape: Milind Patel

Structure: Shailesh Shah

Bharat Kansara

Tulna Patel