The spatial planning for the accommodation of Student Services office and the University offices in the available linear building, called for an intervention that would render to the otherwise restrictive geometry, an openness, also made relevant for the program. This led to the decision to not further subdivide the space with conventional partitioning system. Instead, the available furniture elements, namely storage cabinets, from around the campus were re-modelled to double up as space defining elements as well as storage units for each office. The idea to remodel the unused furniture from the campus became a unifying idea for the space. The re-used furniture for each work module, although inherently different in design, was co-ordinated by a common finish. Through the course of construction, a series of trusses were discovered that became the highlights of the bare design of the space, with other finishes such as that of false ceiling also taking clues from it. 

The addition of verandah on the north of existing linear block was another intervention responding to the programmatic needs of the Student Services office, which demanded of a receptive platform for interaction with the students. The verandah is an extension surrounded by trees, also offering a direct link to the adjacent playground frequented by the students. Taking references from the architectural vocabulary of the existing building, a toilet block was added, also housing a sports store facility for the students with it.



The site with trees and the linked toilet block

Added verandah on the north and toilet block on the east, referential to the linear axis of the existing office block

Open linkages as reference for the additions of verandah and toilet block, the former being a place for interaction

CEPT University, Ahmedabad

CEPT University


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Dinesh Mehta