The visualisation for the retail store for SportXS started with the intent to create an experience similar to that of a stadium. A speciality store with a high product density, showcasing more than 5000 products across 28 sports and 54 brands, the identity for SportXS called for a powerful experiential statement. This identity is dealt with not only visually, but also aurally, to create a stadium like environ in the interiors. This started with the visitors being treated to sounds of stadium at the arrival, which marked the threshold into a space that identifies itself with this aural treatment. Visually what followed as a vocabulary is rugged, reminiscent of the sports that the space caters to.  An elliptical display core marked by a central lighting mast added to the making of this interior stadium. The lighting system around is worked out as silver space frames holding reflectors, set against the predominant black colour scheme of the interiors. The display for the store was worked out as a system of steel grid, with clips and hangers, which accommodate numerous products of varying dimensions.

The three curves defining the interior elements

The circulation path guided by display elements and the lighting frame

Stores in Bangalore and Ahmedabad

Xsis Promotions (I) Pvt. Ltd.

135 to 7500 smt

Dilip Patel

Zahir Laliwala

IMAGES Retail magazine

February 2010 (Vol. 9 No. 2)