The design for Schlumberger office follows a straightforward approach to organizing spaces namely the shared workspaces, the cabins, discussion area and services. The entry from the center leads to reception and services at one end and the workspaces and conference room on the opposite end. The cabins are all visually well connected and aligned across the farther axis.


The design proposal for the corporate headquarters of Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd. (oilfield services company) in Gurgaon follows a design model that combines flexibility in aesthetics with the functionality from brand identity. The challenge was to transform the existing architecture following whimsical geometry and irregular services into an enjoyable experience for the users through interiors, blending in the inherent hierarchies that come with the corporate establishment. The work nodes, the services, breakout zones and some new concepts of interactive spaces are smoothly sequenced, considering the building edge and hierarchy in the program. 

The i-centre or The Black Box is a secure, brainstorming zone flanking the spacious arrival lounge. The conceptual core of the design is the Idea Pod, an elliptical core with conference area for brainstorming and a library, perched on a wood deck surrounded by a water body. It is the notional knowledge center of the organization symbolising the brand’s emphasis on technological knowhow. It divides the larger domain retaining the visual links between the sub spaces. Around the Idea Pod are the work stations, the developers of the ideas generated, with the individual cabins clustered together, such as to also retain the visual connectivity. The composition, lighting, materials and the finishes for the work stations and the cabins are proposed to make workspace an enjoyable experience.

Circulation passage 

The organisation of work units around the circulation passage


Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.


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Rooshabh Shah

Rooshabh Shah

Dilip Patel