As one of its kind setup of tour designers, the Pathfinders Holidays offers services to plan and customise trips. Owing to this, each of the employees has a distinct and individualistic role in the organization. The space layout for their office echoes such functioning. The work tables are casually laid on the periphery, leaving the central space free. The periphery is marked by a low, slatted steel ceiling that conceals the services and also holds the lighting fixtures which are casually strewn on individual work tables. The central space is indirectly lit, thus rendering the periphery more important. The styling of the furniture is youthful and reflects the angular form of the false ceiling. A stark material palette of blacks, greys and steel tones is used.

The irregular form of the periphery with the central free space. The cabin space and services are housed further in the setback

The false ceiling reflects the angularity of the peripheral furniture organisation


Pathfinders Holidays Pvt. Ltd.


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