The conceptualisation, for an established chain of bookstores, came with a need to dexterously innovate a blend of aesthetics and functionality for the volatile retail market. The company policy to expand with a slew of franchises across various towns in India called for certain systems in the interiors to be regulated for a quick site start-up. For design of a flagship store in Bangalore, few experiential and retail strategies are employed to up the visitors’ experience. The site offered a scope for volumetric intervention, thus leading to the addition of a mezzanine that houses the music, toys and stationery section. The arrival to the store happens in a double height volume, with the access to the mezzanine pushed to the far end of the shop in order to prolong the browsing experience through a strategically planned curved aisle. Along with the organisation of racks, the lighting and the ceiling modulation marks this central curvilinear path. The series of racks is punctuated by certain highlight features such as the graphic/poster wall and more of reading spaces (as strategised by the company), thus creating smaller zones of interest within a larger domain. Similar strategic visual and experiential vocabulary is employed for over 50 stores across India.

The arrival in the double volume with curved path leading to the mezzanine

The path on the upper level overlooking the entrance volume

Features such as graphic walls and reading spaces creating smaller domains of interest

Features such as graphic walls and reading spaces creating smaller domains of interest

Across major cities in India

Books & More Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Simurg Appliances Pvt. Ltd.

Agarwal Business House

First store designed in 1998

150 to 1000 smt