Okhai is a retail initiative by TATA Chemicals Society for Rural Development to encourage, engage and employ women artisans from rural Gujarat using the means of their traditional craft heritage. A store in Ahmedabad was to house the garments and products crafted by these women. As part of a mall, the space available for the store came with an unambiguous and simple design challenge. The highlights in this case would become the interior elements wherein the floor and the ceiling planes are the reflection of the crafts. 

The flooring is tile mosaic, which retains the rusticity whereas a part of the ceiling is crafted by the women artisans who replicated the mud applique technique with mirrors. In this neutral earthy palette of the existing shell, the colourful products displayed along the two enclosing walls become the highlight. 

For the display, a combination of hangers and racks with storage units underneath is worked out for one wall. Low floor racks with hangers against a backdrop of full length mirrors and posters informing about the handicrafts initiative are laid out against the other wall.

Space organisation along the display system

The lighting grid aligned according to the floor rack display system

The mirrored surfaces across each floor rack doubles up the narrow shop space


Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development


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