As part of the Public-Private Participation (PPP) initiative, the lakes at suburbs of Ahmedabad, namely Odhav, Naroda and Vasna (Malao talav) were proposed to be developed as self-sustained recreational public spaces. Since the endeavor was a collaborative one involving the users, revenue generation was a prime concern along with efficient development of shared amenities surrounding the reservoirs. Principally, in order to replenish the ground water resources, the lakes are deepened to increase the absorption and resultantly raise the ground water table for the surrounding area. The embankment for the lake edge is compacted sand laid out in its natural angle of repose that also grows a form of algae, nourishment for fishes in the lake. For oxygen rejuvenation of the otherwise stagnant water, fountains at strategic point are installed. Certain facilities such as a common party plot, kiosks and food stalls are strategically sequenced out along the reservoir edge for economic viability. Existing temple, tomb, gurudwara and such vernacular landmarks are retained with other functions planned around to organically compose them as part of the precinct.

Naroda, Odhav and Vasna

Lake at Naroda: Deepak Karia

Lake at Odhav: Maharathi Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Malao talav, Vasna: Silveroak Country Club and Resorts Ltd.

Lake at Naroda: 2003 to 2005

Lake at Odhav: 2001 – 2003

Malao talav, Vasna: unbuilt

Lake at Naroda: 1,27,476 smt

Lake at Odhav: 47, 076 smt

Malao talav, Vasna: 25,758 smt