A working space for a psychiatrist was visualised as breaking away from any experiential conventions of a clinic or a hospital, which is how the conceptualisation for Healthy Minds clinic started to take references from the domestic domain of a house. The informality of a house is integrated into the program and space, with the layout breaking up the otherwise regular geometry of the given space into irregular cluster of functions. Central to these clusters is a void of a courtyard, lit by a skylight from top. This internal courtyard acts as a pause, a breather that also lightens up the otherwise limited space. The skylight has figures reproduced from the original drawings of the doctor’s father, also a renowned hypnotist. Beneath the skylight is placed an urn of flowers marking the sanctity of the ‘centre’. The idea of informality is continued in the doctor’s cabin, with the setup for consultation following a house-like informal arrangement of couches and sofa. The doctor’s workspace is pushed towards the end of the cabin, separated by a low screen from the consultation area. The flooring in the clinic continues seamlessly across the entire area. The waiting area near the reception is rendered lively where patients may read, chat or relax while they wait.


Dr. Prashant Bhimani


144 smt

Graphics: Manini Shah

Bharat Kansara

Dilip Patel