The acquired site for the multipurpose hall at the GIDC Bhavan, a part of CEPT University campus, was an unused university mess building, which boasted of a cluster of trees on the south and a pit on its north. In response to this context, a pivotal decision to reverse the entry to the premise from north to south lent an interesting shaded forecourt with trees, also offering a scope for addition of porch, intended to blend into the architectural configuration of the given space. The porch was also a clue for the later addition of a toilet block with similar aesthetics. What followed as a series of intervention is either a reflection of the pliant program or a natural response to the distinct visual vocabulary of the given space. As a first, in order to restore the original geometry of the site, unnecessary subdivisions in the space were removed, replaced by minimal civil additions, namely the porch, a ramp for disabled and a provision for open store room. The original floor is retained. The interiors were visualised to be unsheathed, with bare services, the prime highlight being old structural grid of sturdy wood trusses restored to a natural finish. This was furthered by addition of a lighting trellis which lit up the trusses directly and the entire space indirectly. The nature of the space being multipurpose, intended to be used for exhibitions, juries, discussions and seminars alike, a varying quality of light was worked out as a system along with other services. The ancillary wings to the south, house shared meeting spaces.

Section B-B

Section C-C


The features in red which were removed, from the existing building, to accommodate the new program

The minimal civil additions, indicated in blue- porch on the south, ramps on the north and two walls in the interiors defining an open storage space. The added toilet block on the east also takes reference from the existing architecture

Reversal of entry from north to south and addition of porch on the south

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