One of the primary challenges while re-planning the Faculty of Technology building was to moderate the programmatic needs and available architectural features, along with upping the use of certain spaces rendered inaccessible on account of haphazard development over the years. The architecture follows a vocabulary similar to other buildings on campus, with the studios sharing a double height and single height, skylights on the north and large bay doors on the south. With the curriculum demanding for classroom teaching method, these spatial features were rendered under used. A lack of spill out space for students, along with better ventilation and clear circulation, were additional concerns. 

As a first, the existing courtyard was opened up as a larger basement space linking a smaller courtyard on the east and another upcoming building on the south. This freed space became a breather, aiding ventilation and circulation. Around it were clustered the ‘classrooms’ and other research labs. As a system, effective and economical lighting was worked out for various spaces, academic and otherwise. 

The faculty spaces from the existing usage, was something that called for a major modification. A new configuration, with free clusters on the south facing the large doors and individual cabins towards the north, was proposed, that also introduced an unexpected level of transparency to the conventions of the program. Such methods of freeing and opening out volumes were employed also in other studio spaces on the first and second floor levels.

The lvl. 1-1 plan with the features removed, in red. The opening up of basement to create a gathering space for students that links upcoming building on  south and a smaller courtyard on east

Schematic at lvl. 2-2 showing the proposed removal for the faculty cabins 

The proposed removal on lvl. 3-3 showing the restoration of inherent geometry of space by clearing out unnecessary subdivisions

Clear circulation paths, in red, at the lvl. 1-1

Circulation path, in red, at Lvl. +3-3. Three clear bays for drawing studios and classrooms

Schematic showing the cleared out basement with clear linkages on south and east

The clustering of activities on the lvl. 3-3, the longest one on the west being a drawing studio

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