In response to the client brief, which was to create an efficient and interactive workspace for this small scale co-operative bank, wherein the customers have an easy, trusted and casual relationship with each bank employee, a transparent space with the individual functions pushed to the periphery, was created. The work desks are aligned simply in an ‘L’ formation within the exposed structural grid of the core space, with the shorter arm facing the entrance housing the reception and cheque clearance unit. The longer arm of the ‘L’ has other functions like the Operations & Ledger and the cashier’s desk. The central waiting area flanked by the ‘L’ workspaces is open and spacious with the storage pushed as a backdrop to the workstations. The west periphery of the space accommodates the manager and the loan officer to ensure distinct degree of privacy respectively. The east end of the workspace has the senior executives’ cabins and the board room. Connecting the two ends and the work area is the lighting grid that goes against the existing structural grid. The three lighting trays that light up the ceiling and indirectly soften the general lighting quality, extend from east end to the west end of the functional space, also holding the focussed task lights over the individual work desks. The material palette of the resultant space is neutral with a neat spatial feel. The existing shell is white with the natural wood polish of the storage surfaces and the steel grey of the lighting tray and the work desks being the predominant colours. The fabric and the work counter tops are rendered a neutral black.


Amarnath co-operative bank Ltd.


155 smt